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Statue of a Navajo code talker, Phoenix

Don Bain's 360° Panoramas of

Phoenix and Central Arizona

This region begins at the Moggollon Rim, the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau, and merges gradually into the low deserts of the southern part of the state. It is characterized by rugged red rock canyons, low forested mountains, and the huge spreading urban area of Phoenix.

Sedona is the center of the spectacular scenery of Oak Creek, red rock buttes and escarpments mixed with up-scale development, and notable for its art galleries. A few pre-European ruins are preserved in Tuzigoot and Montezuma Castle National Monuments. The old mining town of Jerome clings to a steep mountainside, near the original territorial capital of Prescott.

The sprawling urban area of Phoenix covers former desert and farmland on the flat outwash plain of the Salt and Agua Fria Rivers. There is a little urban interest near the center of Phoenix, plus up-scale Scottsdale in the north and college-town Tempe to the south. But for the most part it resembles a somewhat newer and hotter version of Los Angeles, endless suburbs kept alive by water imported from the Colorado River.

Broken country east of the Flagstaff-Phoenix corridor includes the scenic Salt River Canyon and Anasazi ruins at Tonto National Monument.

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