The Sonoma Coast Camper Trip
October 14 and 15, 2012

This was the first camper trip on which I took panoramas, a one-nighter to one of our favorite places, Salt Point State Park on the Sonoma coast. It was a much calmer experience than Mount Diablo - no wind.

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October 14, 2012

When we left home in the Berkeley Hills it was foggy.

We drove straight to Salt Point, claimed a campsite, then walked down a quarter mile to Gerstle Cove and back. We spent the rest of the afternoon familiarizing ourselves with the camper and our new camping style. I used a propane grill outside to cook steaks, but we ate inside because it got cool and foggy. During the night there was steady fog-drip from the pine trees, which would have been a nuisance if we had been in a tent.

We were at the Gerstle Cove Campground, in a forest of Bishop pines. We couldn't see the ocean but could hear the surf.

October 15, 2012

in the morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, cooking inside but sitting outside in the sun. Packing up and getting the camper ready to drive took a lot longer than expected, because we were just learning. The gray water hose and container we had bought proved to be a nuisance (and would soon be replaced), but everything else worked perfectly. Before leaving Salt Point we hiked south to the park boundary.

Nora only had two days off, so we had to start home by noon. It was a gorgeous day and I took a few panos on our walk, and made a fairly comprehensive documentation of Fort Ross State Historical Park.

I was completely comfortable driving the truck by now, and the camper didn't really make much difference on the road, just when parking or backing up.

Our route home included the narrow road that runs high on the bluffs between Fort Ross and the Russian River.

All panoramas taken this day (18)

Panoramas of the southern part of Salt Point State Park, California

Panoramas of Fort Ross, outside the stockade

Panoramas of Fort Ross, inside the stockade

Panoramas of the Jenner Headlands

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