The 360° Panoramas Blog, by Don Bain

The 360° Panoramas Blog (formerly The Virtual Guidebooks Blog) is published now and then with news and views about the website "Don Bain's 360° Panoramas".

I started writing this web log (blog) to document my progress building the Virtual Guidebooks web site and to comment on its evolution. Inevitably it has become something of a personal newsletter also, so intimately are the website, my photography, and my life intertwined.

I had fallen so far behind on writing blogs that in January 2015 I decided to start afresh with a modified plan - I call them THE PANO TRIP BLOGS. Beginning with late 2012, each major trip now has a blog, describing it day by day, with links to localities for which panoramas were made, and usually a picture of my campsite each night.

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