Canadian scientist E.C. Pielou has written some first rate books about the land and life of the far north. They are illustrated with her line drawings and cover all aspects of the arctic environment.

If you are going to the far north, anywhere in the boreal forests or permafrost areas, you will want to buy A Naturalist's Guide to the Arctic and read it cover to cover. It describes, and explains, everything that is unique about the arctic: the midsummer sun and midwinter night; the struggle for life in short growing seasons; patterned ground and bizarre phenomenae such as pingos; the difficult life of the caribou; every living thing from lemmings to polar bears. Prof Pielou's writing style is clear and simple, her information complete and authoritative. Highly recommended.

After the Ice Age - an intriguing title- just when was that? Obviously - it's now. In geologic terms the ice has barely withdrawn. How different it was: Puget Sound was under thousands of feet of ice, mastodons and giant ground sloths roamed north America, man was a minor influence, recently arrived from Asia and scratching for a living in the harsh peri-glacial environments. It's a great story, a biogeographic Genesis and Exodus.

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