Zane Grey wrote 78 books in the first two decades of the twentieth century. They were mostly romances of the American West, bestsellers in his day, and continue to be popular a century later. His portrayals of cowboys and Indians, Mormons and lawmen have come to be part of American culture, influencing the way the West is viewed to this day. More than a hundred movies have been based on his writings.

The settings for Grey's sagas ranged widely over the west, from the Mississipi across the plains and mountains to the desert and the Pacific coast. Some of his most famous and characteristic stories were set in the cowboy country of the high plains and intermountain basins, and the redrock canyons of Utah. He traveled extensively and took careful notes - the landscapes he describes are based on reality.

In addition to writing, Grey was a fanatic fisherman. He travelled the west, and the world, fishing fresh and saltwater, and wrote a number of books about fishing.

Western Novels
Arizona Ames
The Arizona Clan
Betty Zane
Black Mesa
The Border Legion
Boulder Dam
The Buffalo Hunter
Call of the Canyon
Camp Robber
Captives of the Desert
Code of the West
The Day of the Beast
The Deer Stalker
The Desert Crucible
Desert Gold
The Desert of Wheat
The Drift Fence
The Dude Ranger
Fighting Caravans
The Fugitive Trail
The Great Trek: A Frontier Story
Gun Trouble in Tonto Basin
The Hash Knife Outfit
Heritage of the Desert
Horse Heaven Hill
Ken Ward in the Jungle
Knights of the Range
Last Ranger
Last Trail
Last of the Duanes (Zane Grey Western)
Last of the Plainsmen
The Light of Western Stars
Lost Pueblo
The Lost Wagon Train
The Man of the Forest
Majesty's Rancho
Maverick Queen
The Mysterious Rider
Other Side of the Canyon
Raiders of Spanish Peaks
The Rainbow Trail
Rangers of the Lone Star
Robbers Roost
Rogue River Feud
Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon
Round Up
The Rustlers of Pecos County
Shadow On the Trail
Shadow on the Trail
The Shepherd of Guadaloupe
Silvermane and other Stories
The Spirit of the Border
Stairs of Sand
Stranger From the Tonto
Sunset Pass
Thirty Thousand on the Hoof
Thunder Mountain
To the Last Man
To the Last Man
The Trail Driver
The Thundering Herd
Twin Sombreros
Under the Tonto Rim
The U.P. Trail
Valley of Wild Horses
The Vanishing American
Wanderer of the Wasteland
West of the Pecos
The Westerners
Western Union
Wild Horse Mesa
Wilderness Trek
Woman of the Frontier
The Young Lion Hunter
Multiple Titles Together
Avalanche / The Kidnapping of Uvaldo (Tor Western Doubles)
The Call of the Canyon / The Mysterious Rider (Double Western)
The Fort Henry Saga, Complete in One Volume: Betty Zane / The Spirit of the Border / The Last Trail
The Kidnapping of Collie Younger / Outlaws of Palouse (Tor Double Action Westerns)
Prospector's Gold / Canyon Walls
The Rainbow Trail / The Vanishing American (Double Western
Riders of the Purple Sage / The Lone Star Ranger (Double Western)
Collections of Stories
Amber's Mirage and Other Stories
Bernardo's Revenge and Other Western Yarns
Blue Feather and other Stories
The Camp Robber and Other Stories
Greatest Indian Stories
The Ranger and Other Stories
The Secret of Quaking Asp Cabin and Other Stories
Tappan's Burro and Other Stories
Tigre and Other Stories
The Westerners: Stories ofthe West
Wolf Tracker and Other Animal Tales

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