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Palm Trees at Refugio Beach, west of Santa Barbara

Don Bain's 360° Panoramas of

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California

Santa Barbara is a particularly choice bit of real estate with its mild climate and great scenery - and just far enough away from big cities. Yes, it is part of Southern California, but without the ugly sprawl and upwind of the polluted air.

North of the Santa Ynez Range lies a bucolic landscape of vineyards and vegetable fields. Santa Barbara may be the "queen of the missions" but Mission La Purisima is the most fully restored and interesting. I just wish that the coastline from Point Sal to Gaviota was not locked up by private ranches and huge Vandenburg Air Force Base - it would have made a superlative national seashore.

I include Ventura County with Santa Barbara because it is not yet part of L.A. It has some notable beaches, very rugged mountains, rich croplands, and another mission.

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