360° VR Panoramas of Marin and the North Bay Counties
The Sky and Woodward Valley Trails from Sky Camp to the coast
Point Reyes National Seashore, California

From Sky Camp the Sky Trail runs south along the ridge, then drops all the way down to the Coast Trail. You can camp at Sky Camp and make it a two day hike, or combine it with the Bear Valley Trail for a long dayhike that samples all the various environments of the park.

An interesting feature of the Sky Trail is the fog-drip in the ridgetop forests. In August and Septmber, when there has been no rain for months, the ground will be wet and the ferns lush. It is because the needles of the pines and firs are knocking water droplets out of the blowing fog. It can add up to inches of precipitation in the course of a summer month in the most exposed areas.

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