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I have divided Montana into two regions: To begin, click one of the regions listed here, or click on the map, or scroll down to see a detailed list of localities.

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The entire western third of Montana is dotted with high mountain ranges separated by wide open valleys and threaded together with beautiful rivers and streams. Many people think the best scenery to be found anywhere in the Rocky Mountains is in Glacier National Park. There is history here, too, some of it of the expected wild west cowboys and Indians sort, but also the gritty copper mining towns with their history of capitalists pitted against labor.

The rest of Montana is high plains - truly the "big sky country".

In 2013 I crossed Montana twice, east west and west-east, sampling a few of the highlights, but much remains for me to discover and document.

I have divided the state into two regions:

  • and the Great Plains of Montana, two thirds of the state, rolling or flat, with mighty rivers and endless grasslands

The Lobby at Glacier Lodge, East Glacier

The Lobby at Glacier Lodge, East Glacier

Stormy skies over the open plains near Fort Peck

Stormy skies over the open plains near Fort Peck

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