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Willa Cather's Home in Red Cloud

Don Bain's 360° Panoramas of

Nebraska East of the 100th Meridian

Eastern Nebraska begins at the 100th Meridian, traditional boundary between east and west, and slopes very gradually down to the Missouri River. West of the 100th Nebraska is true west, arid and open, but east from there it gets increasingly green and humid and the dust changes to mud.

Wagon ruts, Pony Express stations, Homestead National Monument and Willa Cather's home town of Red Cloud evoke the days of the pioneers. Omaha has rebuilt itself into a charming city of parks, public art, and modern buildings, with the picturesque Old Market District for color. The Niobrara River in the north was a discovery for me, rich in wildlife and even some small waterfalls, biologic elements from West and Midwest, North and South.

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