Don Bain's 360° Panoramas

This website is being rebuilt from the ground up.

The once and future website covers 33 states/provinces/territories and will contain about 100 regions, at least 2900 localities, and more than 15,000 panoramas. It represents twenty years of work, 1998 to 2018, traveling and photographing places I find interesting. It is a non-profit project, made available for its educational and artistic value.

Eventually this home page will be replaced with a combination map and list leading directly to regions, but at this point the region and locality table of contents pages are simple lists of links. There are no maps, but all current content has been geocoded, so that will change.

As of March 5, 2022, I have begun or completed 1091 localities containing 5744 panoramas. This represents about 38% of the eventual total.

Directory of States/Provinces/Territories and Regions

Theist shows the regions available now (preliminary versions) and coming soon.
Listed in geographic order - North to South, West to East.
Links will be activated when there is content available.
The numbers after completed regions indicate how many localities-panoramas.
* means in progress.

Alaska and Western Canada
Northern and Interior Alaska (32-156)
South-Central Alaska (34-172)
Southeastern Alaska (24-137)
Yukon Territory, Canada
Dawson City and the Northern Yukon (14-103)
Whitehorse and the Southern Yukon (14-101)
Northwest Territories, Canada
The Dempster Highway to Inuvik (4-14)
The Mackenzie Highway to Yellowknife (14-62)
British Columbia, Canada
Northern British Columbia (28-179)
Victoria and the Coast and Islands of British Columbia (58-259)
Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia (20-118)
Interior and Rocky Mountains of British Columbia (33-194)
Alberta, Canada
The Rocky Mountains of Alberta (20-118)
The Prairies of Alberta (27-133)
Saskatchewan, Canada
The Prairies of Saskatchewan (3-25)

Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountains
The Olympic Peninsula (29-149)
Seattle, the San Juan Islands, and Puget Sound
The Cascade Range in Washington
Eastern Washington
The Oregon Coast
Portland and the Willamette Valley
The Columbia River Gorge and the Cascade Range in Oregon (25-120)
Eastern Oregon
The Mountains of Idaho (10-53)
The Snake River Plain and Southern Idaho (20-117)
Glacier National Park and Western Montana
The Great Plains of Montana
Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons
Southern and Eastern Wyoming (24-122)
Western Colorado (19-90)
The Colorado Rockies (37-131)
The High Plains of Colorado (6-33)

California - northern
The Redwood National and State Parks (28-135)
Mount Shasta and the Klamath Mountains
Lassen Volcanic National Park and the Modoc Plateau (29-133)
The Northern California Coast and the Redwood Highway
* Lake Tahoe and the Northern Sierra
Marin County and the Wine Country
California - central
The City of San Francisco
The San Francisco Bay Area
The Great Central Valley of California (46-204)
The Mother Lode Gold Country of California (50-284)
* The Central California Coast
El Camino Real in Central California (43-211)
Yosemite National Park
Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks and the Southern Sierra (73-349)
California - southern and eastern
Santa Barbara and Ventura (21-121))
Catalina Island and Channel Islands National Park (15-85)
City of Los Angeles and Orange County
San Diego (39-226)
East of the Sierra Nevada
Death Valley National Park
The Mojave and Colorado Deserts of California

Northern and Central Nevada (42-258)
Las Vegas and Southern Nevada
Salt Lake City and Northern Utah
Zion and Bryce in Southwest Utah
* The Canyonlands of Utah
The Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona
Phoenix and Central Arizona
Tucson and Southern Arizona (39-242)
New Mexico
Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico (42-236)
* Southern New Mexico

The Hundredth Meridian States
North Dakota
Western North Dakota (8-49)
South Dakota
* The Black Hills and Western South Dakota
Western Nebraska (10-59)
Omaha and Eastern Nebraska (11/79)
Eastern Kansas (3-16)
West Texas and the Panhandle
Dallas, Austin, San Antonio
Texas Gulf Coast (17-68)

The South and Florida
Kansas City and Western Missouri (2-14)
Northern Louisiana (2-6)
New Orleans and Southern Louisiana
The Great River Road in Mississippi (11-56)
Mississippi Gulf Coast (1-2)
Alabama's Gulf Coast (7-33)
Savannah and Southern Georgia (10-87)
The Florida Panhandle (15-61)
* West Coast of Florida
East Coast of Florida (7-34)
The Everglades (11-49)
The Florida Keys and the Dry Tortugas (11-66)

Baja California Norte
La Frontera and Northern Baja California
Baja California Desierto Central (9-37)
Baja California Sur
Baja California Sur - North of La Paz (16-77)
La Paz to Los Cabos in Baja California (9-41)
Deserts of Sonora (4-24)

Pacific Ocean
The Big Island of Hawaii (51-268)
Pacific Islands
French Polynesia