This site features more than 13,000 interactive 360-degree panoramic photographs, all taken by G. Donald Bain. These amazing photographs show you exactly what it is like to be in a particular place - you can look in any direction, all the way around, even up and down. It's the next best thing to being there!

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Don Bain's 360 Degree Panoramas
of Western North America

Location map for Don Bain's 360 degree Panoramas of Western North America Map Northwest Territories Yukon Territory Coahuila (not available) Chihuahua (not available) Sonora Baja California Central California Northern California Southern and Eastern California Arizona Texas NewMexico Utah Oklahoma (not available) Kansas Colorado North Dakota Minnesota (not avaliable) Iowa (not available) Missouri Nebraska South Dakota Wyoming Montana Idaho Nevada Oregon Washington Manitoba (not available) Nunavut (not available) Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia Alaska South Pacific Islands Hawaii

Five states have been added to the site but
do not appear on the map:
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi.

Two other ways to access the panoramas:
a chronological list - all panoramas day by day (including some that have been withdrawn)
a geographic hierarchy list - by states, regions, and localities

I began this project with the new millenium, in January of 2000. My aim is to document western North America (yes, all of it!) using the unique technology of interactive 360° panoramas. So far I have visited 34 states, provinces, and territories, in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and created over 15,000 of these unique panoramic photographs.

I travel widely and photograph whatever I think is significant in the landscape - primarily nature and history. I am making a special effort to document all the National Parks and other areas managed by the U.S. National Park Service and Parks Canada, as well as California and other state and provincial parks.

My panoramas are primarily landscapes, especially natural places of special beauty, but also historic districts and agricultural areas. There are a few subjects I make a special effort to shoot - waterfalls, lighthouses, railroads, museums, ghost towns, and Spanish missions. Many cities are represented with a few panoramas, but only San Francisco has been covered in detail.

Since I live in California, my coverage is best in that state, but I have traveled north to the Arctic in Canada and Alaska (four times), northeast as far as Saskatchewan, east to the Missouri River, southeast along the Gulf Coast to Florida, south to the tip of Baja California in Mexico (twice), and across the Pacific to Hawaii (eight times). You can get a good overall view of my geographic coverage (as of 2010) from this map.

This new version of my website, with the name "Don Bain's 360° Panoramas", went on-line October 1, 2011, replacing "Don Bain's Virtual Guidebooks" which had been around since January 1, 2000. My panoramas were on the web even before that, beginning in October 1995, on the Geo-Images website at the University of California Berkeley.

New panoramas are added to this site continuously. To see what I have been doing recently refer to the Chronological List, which shows all my trips and new panoramas day by day (work in progress may show as broken icons).

I started off 2015 with a long trip all the way across the country to Florida in March and April. Most of the rest of the year was spent with shorter trips within California. In November I spent a week documenting New Orleans and nearby parts of Louisiana.

Interested in seeing more 360° panoramas? Visit The World Wide Panorama website - more than 5000 VR panoramas created by over a thousand photographers from around the world. Want to participate? It is a quarterly event, and anyone can enter!

The 360 Panoramas Blog

The 360° Panoramas Blog (formerly The Virtual Guidebooks Blog) is published now and then, with news and views about the website "Don Bain's 360° Panoramas".

NEW! I had fallen so far behind on writing blogs that in January 2015 I decided to start afresh with a modified plan - I call them THE PANO TRIP BLOGS. Beginning with late 2012, each major trip now has a blog, describing it day by day, with links to localities for which panoramas were made, and usually a picture of my campsite each night (when I bought my camper I got in the habit of taking a picture of each night's campsite).

Also of interest may be four older blogs describing my epic trip through Canada to Alaska in Fall 2010.

For older news and commentary see the Blog Archive

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